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Marshall Thurber

Marshall Thurber is an entrepreneur, attorney, writer, inventor, master teacher and successful businessman. His many students include peak performance coach Tony Robbins and Rich Dad, Poor Dad author and financial educator Robert Kiyosaki.

Marshall is renowned for his unparalleled ability to communicate the essence of complex information. He was an avid student, friend and colleague of the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the legendary "Father of Quality Control in Japan" and the late R. Buckminster Fuller. Much of Marshall’s teaching is based on the principles and theories of these two great minds.

Marshall is the creator of several international businesses including: Money & You, The Burklyn Business School, The Future of Business I and II, The Secrets of Powerful Presentations, The Accounting Game (granted a US Patent), The Leadership Development Training, The Global Leadership Network Training, The Future of Business/The Essence of Deming and MetaManagement. Many of these creative programs are taught in several countries throughout the world including China, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Poland, France, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand and Canada.